Can Wheelchair Ramps Be Rented?

Many public buildings have permanent wheelchair ramps built into them to allow access, but your private home is a different story. While some people chose to build a permanent ramp onto their home for elderly or disabled loved ones, is there an option for those who need a wheelchair ramp temporarily rather than as a permanent addition to their home?

You can rent wheelchair ramps. Many companies that sell wheelchair ramps also rent them. Renting a ramp is a great solution if you only need a wheelchair for a limited time. Renting also allows you to pay by the month rather than making one large purchase at once.

Sometimes you need wheelchair ramps for special events, short-term recoveries, or temporary houseguests. In such cases, you want to provide a safe option for everyone’s needs, but you also do not want to spend a lot of money on adding a feature to your house that you soon will not need. Keep reading to find out if renting a wheelchair ramp could be the perfect solution.

How Do You Rent a Wheelchair Ramp?

Wheelchair ramps are a highly specialized product that requires knowledgeable design and installation. As such, you cannot find a wheelchair ramp at your local convenience store or online at Amazon. When seeking to rent a wheelchair ramp, you will need a company that specializes in it.

There are a myriad of companies that both sell and rent wheelchair ramps, including

These are just some of the big companies that you can easily find online. You should also check out any metro areas close to you for wheelchair and ramp specialists. Companies that sell wheelchair ramps sometimes rent them too, so it pays to ask!  

How Much Will It Cost to Rent a Wheelchair Ramp?

The natural question that comes to mind when renting anything is how much it will cost, but unfortunately, with wheelchair ramp rentals, this is a tricky number to estimate. The cost of your rental depends on several things, including:

  • Type of ramp: There are several different types of wheelchair ramps, such as portable, modular, and threshold. Threshold ramps offer small inclines of a few inches, while modular ramps can be large and complex. Portable ramps do not require installation. The type of ramp will have a large impact on the rental price.
  • Size of ramp: The size of the ramp will affect how much material it requires and how much effort is required to install it, both of which will influence the price.
  • Duration of rental: Obviously, the longer you keep the ramp, the more you have to pay. But, the time period can also impact your rate. Renting a wheelchair ramp by the day or by the week will likely have a higher rate than renting by the month. The term options available will depend on the company.
  • Installation and removal: Installation and removal will be a part of the overall rental process with a wheelchair ramp. If there are circumstances that make your installation and removal especially difficult, you should expect to pay more. In most cases, though, these parts of the price should be standard to the company.

The best way to estimate the cost of renting a wheelchair ramp is to determine what type you need and around what size. You should then be able to then get an estimate from the company. You should expect to spend a few hundred dollars on most monthly rentals. Still, pricing varies quite a bit, so you should always seek out an estimate before making a decision.

When Should I Rent a Wheelchair Ramp?

There are several times when renting a wheelchair ramp is the most suitable option. You may rent a wheelchair ramp for any of the following scenarios.

  • Special occasions: Weddings and graduations are important days, and renting a wheelchair ramp ensures that all guests can safely attend with adequate access.
  • Short-term recovery: If you or someone in your household is recovering from an injury or a procedure but is expected to be out of the wheelchair in several months, a wheelchair ramp rental can help make those recovery months easier for everyone.
  • Accommodating a house guest: When an elderly or disabled friend or family member comes to stay with you, it can be challenging without full accessibility. Renting a wheelchair ramp allows everyone to enjoy the visit and keeps your house guest safe.
  • End-of-life accommodations: If you have a loved one who does not have long to live but wants to be able to stay with their loved ones in comfort during their last days, you want to grant that request. Renting a wheelchair ramp can make this possible.

These are all instances in which renting a wheelchair ramp is likely the most effective solution. The biggest question when deciding whether a wheelchair ramp rental makes sense is how long you will need the ramp. You do not want to end up paying more to rent a ramp than you would to simply buy it.

As a general rule, if you rent the ramp for longer than around eight months to a year, then renting tends to stop making financial sense. Of course, there may be other reasons you choose to keep renting rather than buying. Still, you should know that at some point, it will start to cost you.

What If I Need the Ramp Longer Than Expected?

If your estimates turn out to be inaccurate and you need the ramp for longer than eight months to a year, it can feel like you threw money away. At that point, it would be more economical to buy a ramp, but you are already renting! What can you do?

  • Discuss your options with the company from which you are renting.
  • Some companies provide rent-to-own options, so you will not lose money if you decide you need to buy the ramp at some point during the rental.
  • They may also detract some of what you have paid in rent from the cost to purchase the ramp.

Many of these companies want to accommodate their customers. It cannot hurt to ask what your options are when a situation like this arises.

Considerations When Renting a Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps are a matter of safety, so when you decide to rent one, you want to get something reliable and effective. Still, if you are renting a wheelchair ramp, you likely do not know much about them. What are some things you should consider when choosing a ramp to rent?

  • Think about your daily life: What doors and rooms do you use most frequently and need access to? What routes can be avoided, and where is a ramp absolutely necessary? Plan out where you need a ramp carefully.
  • Be realistic about prices: We all want the best deal possible, but remember that wheelchair ramps are a matter of safety. It is better to go with a durable ramp from a reliable company than to jump at the best offer. 
  • Plan installation early: You want to be absolutely sure that everything is safe and functioning when the ramp actually needs to be used. Plan to have your rental ramp installed a week early instead of the day before it is needed.
  • Aim for a flexible rental plan: You never know what might happen, and the last thing you want is to still need your wheelchair ramp and have to give it back. Recovery may take longer, or a visit might be extended. Look for a rental plan that allows you to increase your time if needed.

Now that you know you can rent a wheelchair ramp, your options are wide open. Keep these considerations in mind when you make your choice, and source a reputable wheelchair rental company so that you can have peace of mind.


Trying to maneuver a wheelchair in some places without a ramp is both challenging and dangerous. Luckily you do not have to choose between safety and economic practicality. There are many situations in which renting a wheelchair ramp is a suitable option.

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