The 17 Best Wheelchair Accessible Vans

This Wheelchair Accessible Van guide will help you find the right van for your needs. Wheelchairs are designed to make life easier for people with mobility issues. But sometimes, it can be difficult to transport a wheelchair from one place to another. This is why we have created this Wheelchair Accessible Van Guide!

Read to discover the 17 best wheelchair-accessible vans made by third-party companies specializing in these types of vehicles. Additionally, we will discuss some vans made and sold directly by the manufacturer, various as well as some assistance programs you can use to get a van that fits all of your needs. 

What Wheelchair Accessible Van Should I Buy?

In some cases, Wheelchair Van conversions can be done before purchasing a new van or hiring an outside company to do the work for you. This will depend on your vehicle and budget, but, if possible, it is highly recommended. Vehicle height needs to accommodate a seat that’s at least 19″ from the ground with space between wheeled device and roof of van so clearance for entering and exiting as well as headroom while seated in the back row.

Wheelchair Van manufacturers produce vehicles specific not only to Wheelchairs but also scooters, strollers, etc., which may make them more expensive than those without such features as we mentioned above. Let’s look at some of the most common vans offered by wheelchair van manufacturers.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans by BraunAbility Vans

BraunAbility wheelchair-accessible vans provide a way for wheelchair users to get around in the world. Wheelchair-accessible vans are also great for anyone who has trouble getting out of their wheelchair and needs to move from vehicle to wheelchair frequently. BraunAbility makes it easy with its lineup.

BraunAbility Wheelchair Vans offer five different van models; all converted before purchase. Each of these models comes with specific features for wheelchair users and multiple ways of entry with optional ramps at all entrances.

BraunAbility Van ModelStarting price(Dollars)FeaturesWheelchair Entry Options
Dodge Grand Caravan$43,179Flip-N-Fold for more seating.Power doorsRear-entry and side-entry options.
Chrysler Pacifica$50,480Power 8-way driver’s seat.Premium fog lamps.Rear-entry and side-entry options
Toyota Sienna$58,495Power 8-way driver’s seat.Blindspot monitorRear-entry and side-entry options
Honda Odyssey$67,750In-floor power ramp
Blind Spot Information System
Side-entry option
Ford Explorer$71,765In-floor power ramp
Forward sensing system
Side-entry option

BraunAbility Vans are not only Wheelchair Accessible but can also be converted to a Wheelchair Ramp Van for those that may use the vehicle as a home.

BraunAbility’s Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Wheelchair-accessible Dodge Grand Caravans by BraunAbility come in a variety of configurations and models that are customized for your needs, including those requiring multiple wheelchair lifts or the ability to transport up to 15 passengers.

BraunAbility wheelchair accessible Dodge Grand Caravan models have been designed with your wheelchair passenger’s needs in mind, including:

  • A sizable rear door entrance makes it easy for occupants who use assistive devices such as wheelchairs or scooters.
  • An electric ramp that extends automatically when you open the side door of the vehicle.
  • Comfortable seating arrangements and even storage space underneath all seats.

The BraunAbility wheelchair accessible Dodge Grand Caravan also features a large rear door entrance for wheelchair users and an electrically operated ramp that automatically extends when you open the vehicle’s side door.

BraunAbility’s Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Accessible Vans

BraunAbility’s Honda Odyssey wheelchair-accessible vans come standard with features like power doors for wheelchair access and wide hallways so that wheelchairs can fit through without any problems. These vehicles also come equipped with entrance ramps for more effortless loading of wheelchair users and seats that will convert into wheelchair ramp functionality. 

BraunAbility wheelchair vans are not only accessible but also luxurious. The Honda Odyssey wheelchair vans come equipped with entrance ramps and seats that will convert into wheelchair ramp functionality for easy loading of wheelchair users.

BraunAbility’s Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible Van

BraunAbility’s Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible Van comes standard with all options available on other models, including: 

  • Keyless entry with push-button start 
  • Blindspot and cross path detection systems
  • Rear park assist sensors (side sensors offer parking assistance by notifying the driver of obstacles from both directions).
  • Power liftgate system.

BraunAbility’s wheelchair-accessible Chrysler Pacifica van is also equipped with its patented fold-and-roll system wheelchair ramp that can be deployed or retracted electrically in seconds without any tools whatsoever for quick loading and unloading of wheelchairs.

It utilizes a powered slide gate at the foot end to automatically pivot outwards when lowering the ramp, so there is no need to walk alongside it while guiding someone up or down. The power-operated liftgate at the rear contains an integrated electric wheelchair battery charger plug that allows charging of wheelchair batteries without disconnecting from the vehicle.

BraunAbility’s Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Accessible Van

Toyota is a well-known vehicle manufacturer that offers wheelchair accessible vehicles for people who need them. The Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van has many features and benefits, including:

  • Roomy, spacious seating in the back rows of seats
  • A flat floor, making it easier to enter this van with your wheelchair or mobility device.

The Toyota is one of BraunAbility’s more affordable models and comes with a variety of advantages compared to some of the other models offered by the company. 

BraunAbility’s Ford Explorer Wheelchair Accessible SUV

The ford explorer has a large enough backseat for wheelchair users. There is plenty of room for those with wheelchairs and additional supplies or cargo. 

  • The headrests are also higher than average, meaning they won’t interfere with your arm movements which may otherwise get caught between the two pieces of upholstery. This is another essential feature for wheelchair users.
  • The seats are also accommodating for legroom for someone sitting behind the driver as there is more than enough room for them to have their legs stretch out over the front passenger seat or for a rear-facing car seat when used with an infant in tow.
  • A roll bar and safety harness system installed on some models may be ideal for children, but this can vary depending on how old they are and what type of usage your vehicle will often see. 

BraunAbility’s wheelchair-accessible vehicles are designed with what wheelchair users need in mind. Their wheelchair-accessible vans offer amenities like an easy entry from both sides by sliding doors and wide ramps and lowered floors below ground level, enabling wheelchair access without bending over. 

Automatic power door openers on all windows and lower bumper heights make it easier for wheelchairs to enter the vehicle quickly without scraping their wheels against curb height curbs when exiting the van. BraunAbility builds a wide variety of wheelchair-accessible vans designed to meet your needs, whether you need one van or ten! 

Whether it’s transporting people in wheelchairs who don’t want their chairs scratched up by entering through high curb heights or if there is more than one wheelchair to transport, BraunAbility has what you’re looking for. And because they build customized vehicles according to each customer’s specifications, every car can be modified to suit any wheelchair user. 

Vantage Mobility International Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Vantage Mobility International manufactures wheelchair-accessible vans. They have been in business since 1980 and are proud to be the only company that has a fleet of 100% wheelchair-accessible vehicles at all times. VMI also provides personalized service for every customer and built-in navigational systems that allow drivers to find handicapped parking locations with ease. The average wait time before delivery is four weeks from order placement!

Vantage Mobility International Van ModelStarting price(Dollars)FeaturesWheelchair Entry Options
Dodge Grand Caravan$50,385Rear backup camera
Park assist
Three ramp options
Honda Pilot$56,044Multi-angle rearview camera
Vehicle Stability 
In-floor manual ramp option
Toyota Sienna Hybrid$58,535Blindspot mirrors
Power liftgate
Three ramp options
Chrysler Pacifica$65,117Park assist
Integrated voice command
In-floor power ramp option

The Wheelchair accessible minivans by Vantage Mobility are some of the best on the market. The company has a wide variety of Wheelchair vans in different models and with various features to match your specific needs and preferences. 

Some Wheelchairs can be easily removed from this vehicle for easy loading or transporting. At the same time, other Wheelchairs have an automatic ramp that makes it easier to enter this van through its rear doors without lifting them manually. 

Dodge Grand Caravan by Vantage Mobility International

If you are looking for safety and convenience, Dodge set out to make the Northstar Wheelchair-Accessible Vans. The vans come with many features that surpass any standard van in the mobility industry. 

The vans are designed with a low floor entry, so driving or getting in is not an issue. With a backup camera installed on every single model, there is no need to worry about your surroundings when changing lanes. 

In addition, it has more headroom than other brands on the market because of its interior design, which makes it more spacious for passengers who want some extra leg room or have difficulty bending and stooping over from their wheelchairs as most people may do with pets or luggage. 

Honda Pilot by Vantage Mobility International

The Honda Pilot by Vantage mobility international offers Wheelchair accessibility features and seating with room for up to three Wheelchairs in the back, plus a built-in Wheelchair ramp that folds out of the side door.

The Honda Pilot by Vantage mobility international has been one of their best sellers because no matter what your needs may be this van can accommodate them all. For larger families looking to go camping or travel abroad, these vans offer plenty of space so everyone will have enough legroom. People who need extra storage compartments also love this model due to its generous amount of space. 

If you’re looking for wheelchair accessibility features that are sure to fit your needs, then look no further than the Honda Pilot.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid Van by Vantage Mobility International

This conversion kit allows you to create a Wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna Van so that anyone who may need one can get into their car using their wheelchair or mobility device instead of having to transfer into the vehicle.

This wheelchair-accessible conversion kit for Toyota Sienna Van is an excellent option because it has removable rear seats that can be set up on either side of the wheelchair or in tandem behind the Wheelchair position back seat. Therefore, there are three options to choose from, and no matter what you prefer, this Wheelchair van will work with your needs. 

Chrysler Pacifica by Vantage Mobility International

Designed in partnership with Chrysler, the new VMI Pacifica offers drivers unrivaled interior space, a 360˚ range of motion, convertible passenger seats, and an accessible self-lowering ramp. The complete list of features includes:

  • The Northstar power in-floor ramp for fast loading of wheelchairs and mobility assistance equipment without pushing.
  • Remote Keyless Entry System for keyless entry and driving convenience.
  • 3-Zones Manual Temperature Control to keep you warm or cool even on the hottest summer days.
  • Apple CarPlay & Google Android Auto capable radios to stream music from your playlist through these powerful sound systems.

The Chrysler Pacifica by VMI is one of the most fully loaded vehicles and is the most expensive option offered by VMI.

RollX Wheelchair Accessible Vans

RollX Vans are built with Wheelchair Accessibility in mind. Wheelchair users can enter the rear and front doors of these vans independently without having to depend on someone else for assistance, and both sets of doors are wide enough to accommodate a Wheelchair as well.

RollX Van ModelStarting price(Dollars)FeaturesWheelchair Entry Options
Chrysler Voyager$57,995Rear backup camera
Apple Carplay
Side and Rear Ramp Entry
Dodge Caravan SXT$58,185Multi-angle rearview camera
Power Liftgate
In-floor manual ramp option
Side Entry
Dodge Ram Pro Master 1500$77,510Cargo Lowered Floor
Power liftgate
Three ramp options
Ford Transit$71,199Park assist
Integrated voice command
In-floor power ramp option

A Rollx wheelchair van comes with a solid warranty and other great features. Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned model, they offer five different kinds of vans from Chrysler, Dodge, and GMC. 

RollX Chrysler Voyager Wheelchair Accessible Van

RollX Chrysler Voyager wheelchair accessible van is a new, American-made wheelchair-accessible van that is priced competitively. This van offers rear-entry and innovative side door entry conversions that allow users to enter on either the right or left-hand side. Some features include: 

  • Lowered floor designed for easy access.
  • Crew cab design accommodates wheelchairs.
  • Power wheelchair ramp with turn-back and lock capability.

This van is an excellent option for wheelchair users who need to commute independently but want the safety features that make them feel comfortable enough to do so. 

RollX Dodge Caravan SXT Wheelchair Accessible Van

The RollX wheelchair-accessible Dodge Caravan SXT van is the perfect vehicle for those who need to transport wheelchair and wheelchair users. The spacious, well-lit interior has a ramp that can be deployed in just seconds, making loading wheelchairs easy. 

It also rocks back with no tools required! Its front passenger seats swivel around, so wheelchair users are able to face the driver or rear-seat passengers without needing assistance from others. With this van, you don’t have to worry about being restricted; it’s wide enough at 32 inches between the wheels for many standard power chairs too! 

There’s plenty of space inside as well: three rows of seating plus an optional bench row if needed as well as large wheelchair-accessible rear doors. 

RollX Dodge Ram Pro Master 1500 Wheelchair Accessible Van

The RollX Dodge Ram ProMaster wheelchair-accessible van is the perfect wheelchair-accessible vehicle for those on a budget. With that said, it does not sacrifice anything in quality and still offers many high-quality features like: 

  • Power sliding doors
  • Air conditioning with separate controls for the driver and passenger side
  • Rear climate control vents to keep everyone comfortable no matter what seating position they are sitting in. 

It also comes with an industry-leading warranty for up to three years or 100K miles! This wheelchair-accessible van will meet all your needs at one low price point.

RollX Ford Transit Wheelchair Accessible Van

Ford Transit Connect Conversion Vans for The Disabled Ford has various conversion vans in their lineup that are wheelchair accessible. For example, the Ford Transit Connect has a Wheelchair ramp that folds up and out of sight when not in use and an additional removable rear seat so a wheelchair can be brought into the back with ease.

Rollx is committed to helping out veterans who need a wheelchair van. In addition to providing financial assistance to physical disabilities organizations and the National Veteran Wheelchair Games, they also offer $1,000 off for veterans and process any necessary paperwork needed to purchase their vehicle.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vans Available Directly from Manufacturers

Accessibility options are available on all different vehicles, but some may be better than others depending upon what you require from your Wheelchair accessible Vehicle. Some wheelchair-accessible vehicles are made and sold directly from the manufacturer. Here are some examples of those wheelchair-accessible vehicles. 

Ford Transit Connect Wagon Wheelchair Lift Conversion 

Ford has produced many models over their long history, including this one designed specifically with Wheelchairs in mind; it features an electric-powered sliding ramp on the right-side rear door. This is great not just because it meets all ADA requirements, but when you need to load your folding chair into the boot (trunk), you won’t have to lift it over the side, you can slide it in effortlessly.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon Wheelchair Lift Conversion is outfitted with an electric-powered sliding ramp that offers easy loading access in either direction (driver/passenger) at any time for added convenience. 

This model has everything a wheelchair user needs: 

  • Low rolling resistance tires
  • Roomy interior storage bins including one specifically for storing folding wheelchairs, wheelchair tie-downs, and an integrated ramp for loading from the side.

The Ford Transit has a spacious interior with ample room to accommodate wheelchair users along with other passengers or cargo in either the front passenger seat of the van or rear bench seats making it perfect for use as an everyday vehicle. The wheelchair space can be accessed by lifting up the headrests of the back row seating, which are designed to swing forward, providing easy access into that area then return to their original position when not in use. 

Mitsubishi L200 Wheelchair Accessible Van

The Mitsubishi is an excellent choice for those who require a larger vehicle to accommodate their Wheelchairs and other mobility devices as well as all of their personal belongings. It has a large cargo capacity, there’s plenty of room to spare. With an easy-to-deploy ramp on the rear door, this van has everything most wheelchair users will need. If anything more modern or specific comes your way that meets your needs, then don’t be afraid to explore what else is available.

Ford Freestar Wheelchair Van Conversion

Ford has been producing the Freestar Wheelchair Accessible Passenger Van conversion since 2003 and is perfect for providing Wheelchair access on both sides of the vehicle. The Ford Freestar Van comes with a roomy interior and optional side and rear ramp entrances. 

The van comes with a ramp that can extend out to be over two feet wide when it reaches its full extension making it possible to drive more than one wheelchair at a time, as well as enough interior space for multiple wheelchairs.

GMC Vandura Wheelchair Van Conversion

The GMC Vandura Wheelchair Van Conversion was explicitly designed by considering how many wheelchair users have difficulty using their legs or arms. Hence, they need assistance from someone else to navigate themselves upstairs or on ramps.

The Wheelchair Van Conversion from GMC is an excellent option for anyone with disabilities that need to get around. It includes an air ride suspension system that provides more comfort and makes it easier for wheelchair users to enter or exit the vehicle when using their chair’s arms as leverage instead of having someone push them up into the van. 

The Wheelchair Van conversion also has hand controls installed in two different areas, making it possible for drivers who use wheelchairs, scooters, or crutches to move about inside of the vehicle before exiting at either side door.

Does Medicare Cover Wheelchair Vans?

Medicare covers wheelchair vans but only when they are used in conjunction with medical care services and not just as a general vehicle purchase. 

To find out about wheelchair-accessible vehicles in your area and contact the ADA for more information on those services if they are available where you live. You may need to speak with an attorney who specializes in disability law as well so that he can inform you of any legal options which may exist. If there’s no wheelchair service provider nearby, then Medicare will not pay for Wheelchair vans either since it would be considered “Out-of-Area.” 

Can Any Van be Converted to be Wheelchair Accessible?

Some Wheelchair vans are converted from other types of vehicles, but some Wheelchair accessible vans come off the assembly line with Wheelchairs already in place. It is essential to load and unload a Wheelchair independently, so make sure that your Wheelchairs will fit into the van as well. 

Wheelchair-accessible vans have lower flooring, but make sure you talk with your doctor before making any decisions on how low the van should be so that your wheelchairs can still safely fit and you can easily get in and out of your van if you are commuting independently.

Make sure you measure your Wheelchairs for their total height, including handles and wheels, and measure where they will go in the back of the Van, so there is enough space for them when loading or unloading. It also helps to know if you need overhead storage! That way, you can figure out how much room there is between wheel wells/storage.

The number of wheelchair carriers will depend mainly on how many chairs you plan on using at any given time while driving around town (or around the country). The average Wheelchair Accessible Van will accommodate one or two wheelchair carriers.


If you’re looking for a wheelchair-accessible van, it’s essential to know the many options available. The most important part of choosing the wheelchair van is to decide what your needs are and look for a van that fits them the best. Many people in search of a wheelchair-accessible van will look for increased cargo room and multiple entrances with ramps, as well as ample room for storage. 

Consider your budget when searching for a van as well. Some wheelchair-accessible vans will come directly from the manufacturer, often at a lower price. When you purchase a van that is built out by a third party or a conversion kit, you can often expect higher prices. Third-party builders can be an option for getting exactly what you need if you have the budget for it.

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